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A Bit About Us

Bar Green Services can provide a range of services from the simplest cabling installation to a complex fiber network. We offer you dependable and knowledgeable technicians to handle all voice and data cabling needs.


Whether a small or large office, Bar Green Services has the experience necessary to accommodate your relocation, installation or reconfiguration of office furniture and equipment. As our customer, you will establish the timeline and we will deliver the results.


Bar Green Services also offers a full range of maintenance services to our customers including but not limited to: minor plumbing repairs, grounds clean-up, lightbulb and ballast replacement and minor door/lock repairs. These services can be provided full-time or part-time by an on-site dedicated daily maintenance technician or on a task order/ as needed basis.

The organizational structure of our company allows us to efficiently and effectively meet the ever changing demands and challenges of today’s marketplace. Bar Green Services brings you the knowledge and experience of more than three decades in the commercial industry. This solid achievement is founded on the commitment of vision, backed with integrity and secured by financial stability.

There is no job too big or too small for us. Bar Green Services is your one stop shop for all your commercial office solution needs.

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  • Internal & External Relocations

  • Workstation Installation & Reconfiguration

  • New Furniture Sales

  • Furniture Disposal

  • Secure, climate-controlled Storage

  • Junk Removal/Suite Clean out

  • Sound Masking

  • Cable Installation/Removal

  • Maintenance Services

  • 4-Step Process Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

  • VCT and Special Floor Maintenance


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